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Monday, 21 January 2008

Evan Almighty - A Must See Movie

"Do you want to know how to change the world, son? One random act of kindness at a time."

Yes, this is a funny movie. It made me laugh anyway! The idea of a modern day Noah building an ark so that a pretty valley in Virginia can be saved is farfetched. The idea that God himself would appear on earth in the form of Morgan Freeman - hm! I wonder?

But this movie is not without its impact. There's one line in particular, when "god" appears as Al Mighty waiting on tables in a diner. He's persuading "Noah's" wife to return home and says something like, "Do you suppose when someone prays for love I fill them with warm fuzzy feelings towards one another? No, I just give them the opportunity to love. Do you think I make courageous someone praying for courage? I just give them an opportunity to show their courage."

Ok, so you're sceptical, this is all too "touchy feely" for you. Well remember this.... someday you'll be down on your luck, maybe at the bottom, or so you think. You'll shout out something like "God help me" either out loud or to yourself. Do you think God hands out cash money or performs miracles directly answering your prayer? No, he will simply present you with unlimited opportunities to BE HELPFUL to others. If you do this, and have faith, your prayers will be answered. Of this I have no doubt - and God presented me with an opportunity to believe in this funny movie.


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