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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Exposure to things we’d rather not think about.

Did you ever notice how passing motorists get “swivel necks” whenever they pass an accident scene. Everybody slows down, causing delays, just to gawk at the scene. I suppose it’s because we’re glad it didn’t happen to us.

Well, in the job I’m in I have to face the harsh realities of our own mortality. Another crash victim, another life lost, another family in grief. So another little silent prayer, another wish for hope, for comfort for people I don’t know.

Seeing so many faces of fire, police, and medical people at the conclusion of the latest event I just know there’s an awful lot of people out there who care.

But to an outsider, hearing humor in troubled times can and does cause hurt. To those who witness the black humor of emergency workers of any kind, just try to remember it’s a defense mechanism. I’ll never forget the quote from another war, another place; “My leg, I’ve lost my leg!” “No you haven’t, mate, it’s over here.”

So hugs all round as appropriate.

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