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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Family History

Well, I've resisted the advertising for for ages, simply because they want lots of money. I finally bit the bullet and started. You may have seen their leaf advert on the TV. Well, I put myself in, and immediately got a leaf - an ancestry hint - and found my birth certificate in North Carolina. That lead to me adding my Mom and Dad, who I then edited with what I know. Soon it was like autumn in New York, with those leaves popping up everywhere.

That's when I discovered that my cousin Andrew had already done a lot of work on the Farrar and Picken family lines. I grabbed all sorts of ancestors off his public tree. Then discovered a relative I don't know had done years of work on the Stewart family tree - all of which matches stuff I already knew. So now I'm back to 1382 with my 12th Great Grandfather....

All rather absorbing.

However, as this post is somewhat of a review of, let me say that it's rather expensive. Some of the ancestry hints are for British records. If I want to access them from here in the USA, I have to pay $25 per month. Not going to do that, will rather collaborate with Andrew, let him look up the UK records, and I'll continue on the local price doing the USA records.

Fun, fun, fun. As if I wasn't already busy enough.

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