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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Click that "Next Blog" Buttton

Greetings, oh so few readers.

Wondering what to say? What to write? Well, out of curiosity I clicked on the "Next Blog" button. This opened up a new world for me. I'd like to recommend in particular this blog. "Wild Life in the Woods" Why? Simply because the author, Susan, writes well, speaks her mind, and inspires many. As she says in one of her blogs, "COMMENTS: HAVE I MENTIONED HOW MUCH I LOVE YOUR COMMENTS??? They are absolutely the first thing I check every time I come here. I love to write, but the only way I have I of knowing if something I have said has resonated with you is if you TELL me so!!! So, PLEASE, leave me COMMENTS!!! I hate to beg...but..." How true that is. My two (?) readers sometimes write an email to me when I've blogged, which is all too infrequently.

So, if you're reading this, do leave a comment. One of the useful bits of information you could share is how you found the blog!

So onto a different topic.....

Float Planes and video camera error!

I was most grateful for a phone call the other day. Barry, the owner of a Widgeon who I met at Rochester Airport Wings day. He told me that there was another Wednesday fly-in at the north end of Conesus Lake. Now talk about small worlds, one of my facebook friends once popped a status up saying he was flying onto the lake! Talk about small worlds.

All the pilots seemed to know me, and all expressed gratitude for a flight I flew in June. Their good friend, pilot, Jim had crashed the Curtis Museum's Hudson replica on one of its first test flights. We are all glad to report that Jim is doing fine, going home shortly to continue his recuperation.

So these gentlemen of the air all wanted to say hello and thanks for something quite routine in the EMS world, flying a patient to hospital! Oh well.

I took some videos of them departing, all great stuff, but somehow managed to let iPhoto delete them off the camera before I'd had a chance to load them into iMovie! One of these days computers will be idiot proof!

Suffice to say, the stills below were the best you're going to get!

Thanks for reading, and PLEASE comment, if only to say hello.

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