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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Weather for Pilots - absolutely the best website.

So you are planning a trip in your aircraft, eh? Don't you just love DUATS with the raw format for METARS and TAFS? No! Neither do I.

There's a gentleman called Dan Checkoway who felt like I did, that the so-called decoded plain language text version of the weather observations provided by DUATS are hard to read. You might just miss something critical!

Over the years I've been a supporter of Dan's service, called Weathermeister I've been amazed at how it has improved. It's so good, that Dan has put up for what is called Qualified Internet Service Provider (QICP) with the FAA. See FAA QICP

Want to read more about Weathermeister? See this link: About Weithermeister

Want to see Weathermeister on Facebook? Click Weathermeister on Facebook

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