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Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Quadruple On Scene Motor Vehicle Accident

A major head-on accident occurred today. Four helicopters were used to transport patients to two major hospitals, Eire County Medical Center in Buffalo, and Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester.
Notice the way in which the engines on both cars are low down, as designed in today's modern cars, having absorbed the impact forces.
Here are firefighters and EMS workers from several districts extracting the last patient. We took that patient to Strong in Rochester, as ECMC was dealing with three flown before ours. If I heard correctly, two further patients were taken by road.

Ironic, isn't it? Strykersville fire department know the field they used as the landing zone! They'll be there this weekend for their fund raiser.

Just after they extracted the driver I had a look to see how they had removed the dashboard from the driver's lap. Both hydraulic power and good old fashioned cable pull. The firefighter was just releasing the tension on that orange chain which had been used to lift the steering wheel.

All round, this was a job well done with co-ordinated efforts from various first responder organisations, including North Java, Strykersville, Mercy Flight Western, State Police, Wyoming County EMS Co-ordinator, and last but not least, us - Mercy Flight Central.

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