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Saturday, 1 September 2007

Benazir Bhutto - Former PM of Pakistan - in talks with Pervez Musharraf

Listening to BBC World Service on my new XM satellite radio tonight (in my first new car since 1978) I was somewhat delighted to hear that Bhutto is hoping to return to Pakistan.

Why am I delighted? Well, for one thing Pakistan has to be encouraged and maintained as an ally in the fight against terrorism. Her strategic importance to the region, both geographically and politically, make her about as important a nation as any. A wish for a return to democracy has to be foremost in the mind of all clear thinking commentators.

I look forward to reading some editorials and watching some news later tonight to see if the talks have totally stalled or whether, as the BBC suggested, there are few obstacles in the path towards the end of Benazir Bhutto's exile.

Watch this space.

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