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Friday, 14 March 2008

Ever get that feeling? Lost - forgotten?

Did you ever see a waitress at a restaurant come out of the kitchen carrying a plate of food then stop with that look on her face? You know the one, "I can't remember who ordered this meal." So she's standing there with a look of confused embarrassment on her face looking all around the room for the intended eater!
How that makes me want to rush up and hug her! How that invokes such a feeling of compassion in me! After all, nobody likes to see anyone else embarrassed, and such a simple act of forgetting who ordered some food is cause for embarrassment.
Isn't life like this in a bigger way? Aren't we often looking for something, someone, but don't quite know what or who? It is as if we are expecting a result, that instant recognition of who ordered the meal, or of finding something worthwhile we know we've been seeking all our lives.
I like to believe that revelation is not the blinding light on the road to Damascus because we're surprised but because we realise something we've known all our lives and yet have never acknowledged.
It's like my faith. I believe I've had it all my life to one degree or another. And yet I am constantly reminded of it by such little events such as the confused waitress that the blinding light of accepting something I've always known is such a great yet simple joy.
I hope you find joy in humour, in events, in people, in pets, in a life saved.

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