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Sunday, 6 February 2011

What a totally awesome Sunday this has become!

Greetings, friends.

I thank God every day for friends, and one of them was performing last night with Bob's Brother's Band.
He asked me to help him in a new activity. Dan Winslow is the music minister for a new church. Never been to a new church before, so we went to hear what it was all about.

Well, the music was just wonderful. Contemporary Christian music, well played by Dan and his small, but growing team. My taste in music will fit in perfectly there, so I'm delighted to become involved.

Not only that, the excitement of meeting new people in a new spiritual venture was novel, satisfying, and quite uplifting. The church? It's the Discovery Metro Church. The pastor, Elliot Sneed, gave a practical, gospel based sermon that was topical, to the point, and well presented, even though the poor man was suffering and had had a temperature of 103 the night before.

So, dear friends, if you want to experience a warm welcome, a new and exciting event, and frankly would be kind enough to support this fledgling community, please consider coming to the "Grand Opening" on 20th February. Details on their website. Connect to them on Facebook

See you there.

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