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Friday, 18 March 2011

Only two posts this year? Must write something.

Greetings however few readers there are out there. I was looking for something I wrote back in 2007 and noticed how little I had contributed to the world's wisdom! Or not, as the case may be.

Well here we are with the advent of warmer weather. The ice is melting on the lake, and indeed I was outdoors yesterday working on the boat. How nice.... certainly this last winter has been long and hard.

Took a snapshot yesterday, our Rudi is such a loving dog, he puts himself into uncomfortable positions just to rest his head on you. This was on our way home from Smith's Lumbar in Lakeville....

Must get a comb and do my hair before I take any more photographs.

The degree course starts Monday, although we've been invited at Liberty University Online to get on with some work before the date. So I'll be learning new stuff! Actually, I've always had the idea that the day you stop learning is your last day on this earth. Plus ca change!

Delving into theoretical stuff will be quite stimulating, but as someone who prefers a "hands on" or practical approach to life in general, I shall constantly try to apply those more intellectual or academic principles to real world situations. I already came across the vagueness of academia in some of the preparation work.... erudite gobble-de-gook, I called it. It seems a feature of so-called learned people to use long words that nobody else uses, perhaps in an attempt to impress or to convince us they know what they are talking about!

Ever watched the Discovery Science Channel? 

One of our favorite presenters is Professor Michio Kaku. His great strength is his ability to explain things in plain language. As it says on his bio (click the link above) he is "a theoretical physicist, best-selling author, and popularizer of science." He is that, but of course his passion and love of science comes across very well. I wish he was my professor of aeronautics... I love the quote I found in an interview online, he said, "Wealth is something that corrupts and dies with you. But ideas can live forever and change the world."

Oh well, time for more study and reading.


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