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Monday, 29 April 2013

APP NET - a somewhat different alternative to TWITTER


Not posted in the blog for a while, I plead pressure of work, moving home, etc.

Just watched a ScreenCastOnline podcast about APP.NET. It's a new alternative to TWITTER, with the following text in their "About" page. is an ad-free, subscription-based social feed and API. aims to be the backbone of the social web through infrastructure that developers can use to build applications and that members can use for meaningful interactions. launched in August of 2012. It's owned and operated by Mixed Media Labs, founded by CEO Dalton Caldwell and CTO Bryan Berg.

So it emphasizes development of new applications, and thus is somewhat specialized. However, the applications that currently are listed are high quality. Why do I like the service? Simply because the applications I have tried are of a high quality, which makes life much easier than, say, browsing the thousands and thousands of poor quality apps on the Apple app store.

Watch the ScreenCastOnline podcast about it here

They have a free service, and two levels of paid service! Join in and look for me @CaptainKirk1950

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