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Sunday, 22 September 2013

History - a fascinating subject.

If you have an inquisitive mind, you may enjoy reading about history. Perhaps we simply do not learn from our mistakes, but if we read about the past, and read with a critical viewpoint refusing to allow progressive authors to rewrite history, then perhaps we can learn.

One of my favorite TV channels is the History Channel.

For example, Today in History produces this list, you may click on the links to view the articles.

This Week in History, Sep 22 - Sep 28

Sep 22, 1862
Lincoln issues Emancipation Proclamation
Sep 23, 1875
Billy the Kid arrested for first time
Sep 24, 1789
The First Supreme Court
Sep 25, 1957
Central High School integrated
Sep 26, 1960
First Kennedy-Nixon debate
Sep 27, 1779
John Adams appointed to negotiate peace terms with British
Sep 28, 1941
Ted Williams becomes last player to hit .400

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